Refreshing Comfort Inc BBB Business Review

      Do you like to take WARM or HOT showers?  Did you know that your average water heater in your home is only expected to last 10-12 years?  Chances are you are living in your home now for about that long, if not longer, OR you moved into your home with it already being that old….  Your Water heater is one of those things in your home, that you probably never think about, or you only are aware of IF you’ve ever had a problem with it…. Chances are your water heater needs maintenance, or is already leaking in some way or another, be it by the valves, fittings, or WORSE the tank itself…..

How do you find out? Take a look at it, OR call us and we will for you. If you see anything that looks like rust, water standing around the unit, or some green dusty stuff on or around the piping going into it, chances are you have a leak of some sort….   We will help you get the situation resolved quickly and give you options that you can understand…

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Refreshing Comfort Inc BBB Business Review

There are many different options when trying to improve the effectiveness of your units.  Air purifiers and humidifiers can improve air quality.



We have 25 years of experience to help you determine how to tackle all of your heating concerns.

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We have a number of different options to help you with all of your air-conditioning needs. Whether it is for a simple fix or an upgrade to an energy efficient unit.